Discover the 11 must-do things to do in Corfu, Greece

Visit Corfu, the emerald island: our 11 essentials of a destination with a thousand and one facets.


  • 1. Take a boat trip
  • 2. Visit Paleokastrítsa Monastery
  • 3. Admire the view of Corfu from the Angelokastro
  • 4. Explore Old Perithia
  • 5. Stroll around Corfu Town
  • 6. Visit the Achilleion, the residence of Empress Sissi
  • 7. Cross the Canal d’Amour
  • 8. Climb Mount Pantokrator
  • 9. Swimming at Lake Korission
  • 10. Explore the Kanoni Peninsula
  • 11. Discover the Blue Lagoon

To visit Corfu is to go to the crossroads of the greatest European empires. Franks, Venetians, Turks, Britons, everyone left their mark and shaped this little piece of land in the Ionian Sea with their own hands. Nicknamed “the emerald island”, this Mediterranean jewel has landscapes as mixed as its history!

Here, the green mountains dressed in fields of olive trees engulf themselves on magical beaches with turquoise water. That’s Corfu: a paradise in the Mediterranean where opposites do more than attract each other, they coexist to better seduce us…

1. Take a boat trip

visit Corfu

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Kirk Fisher

How not to start our top things to do to visit Corfu without a

boat trip? It is indeed the most beautiful, but also the most interesting way to discover the mythical Greek island.

To rent a boat in Corfu, the price may vary depending on the type of boat, the duration of the rental and the season. In summer, prices are between €70 and €2,450 per day, depending on whether you rent a RIB or a 1,600 horsepower motorboat.

By renting your boat, you will discover the sumptuous landscapes of the region, which you will not find anywhere else. Your trip, punctuated by the many coves around the island, will allow you to discover the flourishing and authentic vegetation of the Greek islands. Room for wonder!

2. Visit Paleokastrítsa Monastery


Photo credit: Flickr – Chris Parker

The monastery of Paleokastrítsa is named after the Virgin Mary (“Рanagiа” in stoneware). Located on a hill by the sea in Paleοkastritsа, it was first established in the 13th century, but the current buildings were constructed in the 18th century.

When you climb the steps of the stone staircase, you will reach a magnificent chapel as well as an open courtyard where there is a well. Tradition has it that by throwing a coin there, you will return to Corfu. Do not forget to visit the completely free museum where Byzantine figurines, religious scrolls and Orthodox objects are exhibited. Unfortunately, the residence of the monks is not open to the public.

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3. Admire the view of Corfu from the Angelokastro


Photo credit: Shutterstock – proslge

Angelokastro or the Castle of the Angels , lives up to its name as it is the highest seafront fort in Corfu! Perched at more than 300 meters , this fortress is said to be one of the most imposing in all of Greece.

It offers an unstoppable view of the west coast of the island, in particular of the idyllic bay of Paleokastrítsa. Within it, you will find several buildings, including two churches that are touching in their simplicity. You have understood it, the Angelokastro is an essential place to visit Corfu and its breathtaking landscapes.

4. Explore Old Perithia

Old Perithia

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Szymon Mucha

Protected by UNESCO World Heritage, the village of Perithia has been enjoying a second life for several years. Gradually renovated in keeping with the architecture of the 16th century, it is the oldest example of a traditional Corfiot village.

Apart from its historical interest, Perithia is an ideal gateway to visit Corfu in a greener way. Take the opportunity to discover the surrounding nature thanks to a hike in

5. Stroll around Corfu Town

Visit Corfu: Corfu Town

Photo credit: Shutterstock – proslgn

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Corfu is like its island: plural! Under the gaze of the dome of Agios Spyridon, Italian buildings in shimmering colors rub shoulders with British residences in sober styles.

However, everything fits together and dialogues harmoniously around the heart of the city: the Spianáda square . This one is inspired by one of the most famous streets in Paris: Rivoli! You will have been warned, to visit Corfu is to meet Europe at every street corner. Especially since the city offers a wide variety of cultural activities thanks to its many museums.

6. Visit the Achilleion, the residence of Empress Sissi

visit Corfu

Photo credit: Shutterstock – kaiser-v

To visit Corfu is also to meet one of the greatest figures of European aristocracy, as evidenced by the Achilleion. It was the Empress of Austria herself who instigated the construction of this magnificent palace in 1889.

Within it, we guess the infatuation of the owner of the place for mythology. From the paintings to the motifs of the woodwork, the Greek myths are illustrated throughout the house, including as far as the garden. Proof of this is with a magnificent statue representing a breathless Achilles. His gaze, carried away, reminds us that it is here that we discover one of the most beautiful views that Corfu has to offer!

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7. Cross the Canal d’Amour

Visit Corfu: Canal of Love

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Barat Roland

Let’s be honest, the Canal d’Amour ( pronounced in French please ) is a place where tourists flock every year. And yet, this natural curiosity sculpted by the sea has an undeniable charm that it would be unfair to take away from it.

Perhaps this is due to the local legend which lends it magical virtues… All you have to do is swim across this canal to find true love or consolidate the bonds of your couple. Just for that, we are ready to visit Corfu! And then, a short stop accompanied by a few fathoms can never hurt!

8. Climb Mount Pantokrator

Visit Corfu: Mount Pantokrator

Photo credit: Shutterstock – PawelKusek

With its endless sea and beaches, one might think that visiting Corfu is only done horizontally. Nay! Corfu is also a tangle of mountains of which Mount Pantokrator is the highest point ( 906 meters ).

At the top, the 360° view allows us to look at the north coast of the island as well as the lands of mainland Greece and Albania. Some will be confused by the presence of telecommunications antennas, while others linger on the small monastery of the place.

9. Swimming at Lake Korission

Visit Corfu: Lake Korission

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Simon Dannhauer

It is to the South-West of Corfu that you will have to go to enjoy this little corner of paradise far from the beaten track. Spared by mass tourism, we not only love the tranquility that emanates from this place, but also the richness of its fauna.

More than 126 different species of birds have been counted there! Separated from the sea by a simple strip of sand, you will find on this same natural border a magnificent beach: Halikounas . If you want to visit Corfu away from the summer crowds, this is the spot for you!

10. Explore the Kanoni Peninsula

Visit Corfu: Kanoni peninsula

Photo credit: Shutterstock – Rostislav Ageev

Perhaps you will have a feeling of deja vu in front of this landscape as it is present on all the postcards and tourist brochures of Corfu. It is even said that it is the most photographed site on the island!

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This shows how famous it is, a must-see when visiting Corfu and a tourist destination… Because Kanoni is often invaded by flashes during the high season, which can discourage the most motivated of travelers.

Don’t miss this beautiful summary of Corfiot beauty: the sea is draped in several shades of blue and dazzles us with the rays of the sun and the dazzling whiteness of the Vlacherna monastery . Not far away, you can see the islet of Pontikonissi , which is none other than Ulysses’ boat changed to stone by Poseidon. We believe it, or not, but here we go!

11. Discover the Blue Lagoon


Photo credit: Shutterstock – Aerial-motion

A small cove lost in the middle of nowhere, the Blue Lagoon is one of those magical places only accessible by

boat. It is this difficulty of access that allows this site to keep all its beauty and authenticity despite its growing reputation.

Here, nothing can disturb you during your swim in these turquoise waters… Apart from the nymphs , you can easily imagine inhabiting the place in the company of the gods of Olympus. The dream !

12. Bask on the most beautiful beaches

The beaches

Photo credit: Shutterstock – proslgn

At Generation Voyage, we get wet and offer you the best beaches in Corfu to find the one of your dreams!

As a family, head to Glyfada . Beautiful, it has all the amenities that will delight young and old alike. Another advantage is that the shoreline is shallow. Ideal for toddlers.

Party animal? It is in Kavos that you will have to go. Bars, electro music and fine sands will be there. Finally, lovers of tranquility will prefer Halikounas or Agios Georgios depending on the season .

Because we cannot list all the beaches in Corfu, here are some that you should like:

  • Sidari beach
  • Porto Timoni beach
  • Glyfada Beach
  • Agios Stefanos beach
  • Mirtiotissa beach
  • Peroulades beach

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