Discover the 5 uncrowded destinations in the United States

The United States is a popular destination for Algerian people and tourists from all over the world. That is why many places there are saturated with people throughout the year. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine New York, Miami, Los Angeles or all the famous national parks without thousands of tourists. To find tranquility during a trip within this country, it is necessary to think outside the box. Discover 5 of the best and less traveled destinations in the United States, the ones that will allow you to spend unique moments in the different states of this magnificent country.


  • 1. Glacier, Montana
  • 2. Hoh, Washington
  • 3. Big Bend, Texas
  • 4. Lubec, Maine
  • 5. Charleston, South Carolina

1. Glacier, Montana

If this name means nothing to you, it is because this destination is not one of the best known in the United States. On the other hand, its landscapes are well worth the detour. As its name suggests, this American national park allows you to observe snow-capped peaks and icebergs. It is a perfect place for hiking in desert scenery and discovering wildlife. As with all other destinations in this country, it is necessary to prepare your trip well. For this, you must imperatively go through the stage of the request for authorization to travel on the territory. You will find all the necessary information on the official Esta USA website .

Montana glacier in the United States
Credits: Unsplash/Joshua Balsamo

2. Hoh, Washington

This time, direction Washington to discover the Hoh Rainforest, also called “Hoh Rainforest”. It rains almost all the time in Hoh, which is why very few tourists decide to venture there. If you don’t mind inclement weather, you’ll have to marvel at this forest unlike any other in the world with its big mossy trees and plenty of hiding places.

Hoh, Washington
Credits: Unsplash/ Nathan Dumlao

3. Big Bend, Texas

Big Bend National Park is located in southern Texas, on the border with Mexico. It is necessary to travel a long way to access it, which is why this park is generally little visited by foreign tourists. Once there, you will discover desert and rocky landscapes, in which it is very pleasant to walk.

Big Bend, Texas
Credits: Pixabay

4. Lubec, Maine

Lubec is a small town in the state of Maine. If the city is not the busiest in winter, it is very pleasant to stay there during the summer period. Far from the big American cities, you will experience the true charm of America. In this little corner of the United States, you can fish, walk, visit the surroundings, but above all enjoy the deserted beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

Discover the 5 uncrowded destinations in the United States
Credits: Flickr/cloud2013

5. Charleston, South Carolina

Indeed, this city in the state of South Carolina is rather famous, however it is not crowded with tourists. This city, founded in 1670, is characterized by its old buildings and its many horse-drawn carriages through the cobbled streets. There are several reasons why we advise you to go to Charleston. First of all, it is an ideal destination to discover the colonial style in the United States and the history that accompanies it. But that’s not all since in reality, there are many elements to discover in this city such as historic plantations, churches, Antebellum houses and very pleasant beaches.

Charleston, South Carolina
Credits: Unsplash/ Adam Kring

As you can see, the American territory is full of diverse and varied destinations. It is therefore very simple to leave the circuits practiced in the vast majority by tourists who visit the United States. Thus, you will necessarily find a place that suits you, in which you will spend magical moments, without thousands of tourists around you.

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We wish you a good trip to the United States!

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