Discover the 8 most beautiful lagoons around the world

Who has never dreamed of going to a paradise island to sip a good cocktail under the coconut trees and simply enjoy the sun and the transparent water? It must be said that our pretty planet has no shortage of absolutely extraordinary places to practice idleness in an absolutely breathtaking setting. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place, since you’ll be able to discover the 8 most beautiful lagoons around the world. What a feast for the eyes, and above all make you want to pack your suitcase now, destination the sun, the heavenly beaches, the fine sand, the palm trees and the turquoise water. 


  • 1) The Best
  • 2) Mauritius
  • 3) Malta
  • 4) Mayotte
  • 5) Mexico
  • 6) Tahiti
  • 7) Australia
  • 8) The Marshall Islands

1) The Best

Is it really necessary to add words to such landscapes? Bora-Bora is known and recognized for its absolutely fantastic beaches worthy of the most beautiful postcards, its turquoise waters, but also for its diversified underwater fauna and its corals.

2) Mauritius

Unsurprisingly, Mauritius is in this ranking of the most beautiful lagoons. It must be said that the white sand beaches are particularly beautiful, and even the photos have the power to make us travel in a paradisiacal environment.

3) Malta

To registerSpend a unique holiday in Malta with AIR MALTA | Koming UpComing UpBlue Lagoon, Comino Island, Malta

Malta is no slouch when it comes to beautiful beaches. The small island of Comino is also a place very popular with tourists, since it offers as many wild landscapes as absolutely marvelous lagoons.

4) Mayotte

To registerMayotte, one of the most beautiful lagoons in the worldlinternaute.comMayotte, one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world

The French island located in the Comoros archipelago offers its visitors lagoons so blue that they seem almost unreal.

5) Mexico

To registerIn Mexico, the Yalahua lagoonlinternaute.comIn Mexico, the Yalahua lagoon: The most beautiful lagoons in the world – Linternaute

Mexico has the advantage of offering extremely varied landscapes, and in particular beautiful lagoons. This is the case of Yalahua, which is certainly the most visited in this South American country.

6) Tahiti

Cook’s Bay, located on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia, is surrounded by mountains, and is certainly the prettiest in the whole world. An absolutely idyllic setting where you can discover tropical fish while snorkeling.

7) Australia

If there is a country that attracts tourists for its landscapes as varied as they are wild, it is Australia. And if you want to take a break on a beach worthy of a postcard, the Glenrock lagoon in New Castle is for you. It is also in this country that you can discover the largest coral reef in the world in crystal clear waters.

8) The Marshall Islands

Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the Marshall Islands are home to the Kwajalein Lagoon, which is the largest in the world, and which therefore offers many more beautiful beaches than the others. Is this paradise? Definitely.

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