Discover the Incredible Caves of Carlsbad National Park

Explore Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico. 80 caves have been discovered there. However, they are all different in size, composition or atmosphere. The exceptional beauty of this inviolate place and its geological characteristics make it a unique place in the world to visit for all lovers of speleological beauty, rocks and sensations.

The Carlsbad Caves are located in the southern United States , in the state of New Mexico  and Eddy County. Stretching over more than 190 km² , the caves are considered the deepest in the country (487 m deep). Some contain large subterranean chambers and the whole is said to house thousands of bats.

Impressive caves

These limestone caves attract many curious people every year. It must be said that their gigantic size and their abundance make all their character. In addition, geological activity continues to perpetrate in this place. So ever-so-unique rock formations keep popping up. This process can be observed in particular in the cave of Lechuguilla. Some formations date from the Permian era and the vast majority of the caves are extremely well preserved , which enhances the beauty of the place.

Carlsbad National Park caves
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The most visited cave in the park is still the cave of Lechuguilla . Indeed, there is an abundance of rocks coupled with incredible beauty arranged over a gigantic area. All this offers a sumptuous panorama. In addition, there are many rocks resembling candlesticks. However, some can be more than six meters long.

For geologists, caves represent a very important workspace. The significant amount of geological processes that accumulate there in an almost intact environment  facilitates scientific studies and analyses . Thus, it helps to understand the inner workings of the rock at this place on Earth. In short, this masterful place is worth it.

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Discover the Incredible Caves of Carlsbad National Park


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