Discover the Kamchatka Peninsula and its impressive volcanic activity

The Kamchatka Peninsula is a region with impressive and unique volcanic activity in the world. However, the place remains quite unknown to the general public due to its location and lack of notoriety. Come and discover an unknown region of Russia, with its volcanoes and its impressive landscapes coupled with the presence of a fauna well representative of its climate.

Located in the Far East of Russia , Kamchatka is a peninsula volcanic 1250 km long, with an area of ​​472,300 km² and consisting of a highest point at 4835m , the Klioutchevskoy . Kamchatka is a region with strong seismic activity which results from a consequent volcanic activity. The many active volcanoes as well as the different reliefs of this region as long as France offer sumptuous panoramas and breathtaking walks.

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Kamchatka is a geologically significant region made up of a multitude of active volcanoes not all of the same type and containing a multitude of different volcanic features. Geographically, the peninsular location between the Pacific Ocean and the great landmass of Kamchatka has allowed the appearance of these geological features, but also the considerable presence of wildlife.

The natural landscapes of the volcanoes are breathtaking, with the beauty of the reliefs, mountains and harmonious lakes, a preserved and magnificent coastline. The presence of large salmon spawning grounds (nearly 11 species that coexist in the rivers), and many wild species along the Bering Sea coast enrich the beauty of the region.

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The flora of Kamchatka contains species specific to a prearctic flora, due to the presence of threatened plant species and also 16 endemic species. The fauna of the region offers above all a wide variety of bird species: white-tailed eagle, gyrfalcon, emperor eagle (50% of the world population of the species is located on the peninsula) or even peregrine falcon which come all hunt salmon that spawn in the spawning grounds. Brown bears and sea otters are also frequently seen during walks.

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The second largest geyser concentration is in Kamchatka! Over its 6 km long, the valley of geysers counts 90 geysers and many water sources. Despite a natural landslide in 2007 which covered 2/3 of the valley, volcanic activity is still significant. Very landlocked, the valley is only accessible by helicopter and the walks will be unforgettable in this enclosed atmosphere in the heart of the lands of the Russian peninsula.

Discover the Kamchatka Peninsula and its impressive volcanic activity
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