Discover the most beautiful places to visit in Martinique

If you want to rest, enjoy the beach, live in a tropical climate or even discover exotic landscapes, don’t hesitate! Discover Martinique, this French overseas department located in the Caribbean. “The Island of Flowers”, as it is nicknamed, is home to some small natural wonders, but also some places not to be missed. Come and discover these 5 must-see places on the island of Martinique. You will also have the pleasure of meeting the people of Martinique, benefiting from their warm welcome and from the Creole and Martinican culture.

Located between Saint Lucia and Dominica, Martinique forms one of the islands of the Caribbean, and of the French West Indies. With an area of ​​1128 km² , Martinique offers a multitude of landscapes and its tropical climate allows the evolution of fauna and flora characteristic of territories close to the terrestrial equator. This is why Martinique offers unmissable places to visit from its coastal coasts to the center of its land.

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  • 1/ The Saltworks
  • 2/ Diamond Rock
  • 3/Mount Pelee
  • 4/The Pointe de la Caravelle
  • 5/The Clement Habitation

1/ The Saltworks

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In the south-west of the island, in the town of Sainte-Anne, is the Salines site, a natural place very popular with locals and tourists (2 million visitors a year), the Salines form the most beautiful and largest in all of Martinique , but also one of the largest in the Caribbean! With its leaning coconut palms and warm white sand, Salines beach is the perfect place to admire, but also to rest. During your visit to this heavenly beach, you can enjoy water activities, but above all the turquoise water and the seabed!

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2/ Diamond Rock

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This small uninhabited islet in the southwest of Martinique has been named the Rocher du Diamant thanks to its appearance and its general shape giving it the shape of a precious stone. From the Baie du Diamant, a viewpoint is set up to offer a memorable panorama of this magnificent isolated piece of land. The rock had served as a fortified point during the Napoleonic conflicts and therefore greatly served the French troops. This is a real postcard decor!

3/Mount Pelee

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This emblematic active volcano of the island attracts many curious people every year. Due to its volcanic and seismic activity and its tropical climate , Mount Pelée offers an extraordinary landscape. To discover all the facets of the volcano, many hiking trails allow you to climb to the top of the summit (1397 m) and to access the crater where it is possible to observe traces of eruptions… There are paths to all levels for all tastes, which ensures an excursion that meets your expectations!

4/The Pointe de la Caravelle

Discover the most beautiful places to visit in Martinique
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This nature reserve in the east of Martinique promises you unique walks, alternating coastline, lush vegetation and volcanic landscapes . Varied landscapes in a soft and paradisiacal atmosphere under a superb sun, here are beautiful hikes and walks to organize!

5/The Clement Habitation

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This place classified as a Historic Monument is a former sugar plantation and a famous rum distillery located in lush nature. The old 18th century dwelling is the only building on the island to have been restored and refurnished with period furniture . Nowadays, the house has been transformed into a museum, but the distillery is still in operation.

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