Disocver the open-air thermal springs of Saturnia in Italy

Many cities and regions of Italy are known for their exceptional charm. During their getaway in the boot, many tourists unfortunately miss out on a little corner of paradise. In Tuscany, the hot springs of Saturnia have everything to conquer you: beauty and therapeutic virtues. Nothing better than a spa treatment of this kind for getting back in shape. Discover these simply incredible natural pools!

A place of relaxation in the middle of the Italian countryside

In Tuscany, in the center-west of the country between the hills of Maremma, Saturnia appears like a mirage in the middle of the countryside. It is in a verdant nature about a hundred kilometers from the capital that you will discover the Moulin waterfalls which owe their name to their proximity to an old mill . This adds even more charm to the place, but the highlight of the show is indeed this clear thermal water and its terraces . Access to this site is completely free and free throughout the year. If you are told that there is an entrance fee, it is because it is the thermal baths of Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort , the only complex in the area.

thermal springs of saturnia, italy
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Once there, you can swim in warm waters at 37°C . Indeed, it springs from a volcanic crater at a rate of 500 liters per second, then descends along a limestone formation before continuing its course in these basins which today act as natural bathtubs. Initially, a strong smell of sulfur fills the nostrils of visitors who get used to it very quickly to enjoy this extraordinary experience.

One of the best thermal centers in the world

Saturnia and its surroundings keep traces of their rich past. You will find some ruins and archaeological sites testifying to the passage of the  Pelagians, Romans, Langobards and Siens over the ages. We can thus observe that these thermal springs have always been an important place in the region.

Since Antiquity , these hot springs rich in minerals have been appreciated by men and women who come to relax there , but also to treat their various ailments. These natural jacuzzis can relieve osteoarthritis, rheumatism or skin infections in some people. In addition, Saturnia is one of the only thermal springs to benefit from such an environment, especially with free access! So there are many reasons to want to go to this little Italian paradise.

thermal springs of saturnia, italy
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To continue your experience of well-being in these magnificent settings, it is possible to go to the Gorello waterfalls . They are in a stream just above the Moulin waterfalls. These are slightly tumultuous, so there are ropes to hold on to and secure swimming. You can then take advantage of this getaway to visit some nearby villages such as Manciano, Pitigliano or Solana.

As you will have understood, these Italian natural pools have nothing to envy to private spas. Do not hesitate to go to this thermal park and these natural eddies to relax and relieve your trauma, inflammation and rheumatism without a medical prescription!

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