In China, there is an essential place for lovers of landscapes and thrills: the Bailong elevator! Culminating at more than 300 meters, it is today the highest outdoor lift in the world.

Today, discover the world takes you to the other side of the world to discover an incredible attraction located in the province of Hunan, China.

For backpackers looking for an exciting activity, there’s an outdoor elevator worth a trip to Zhangjiajie Forest Park, one of the Middle Kingdom’s most beautiful natural sites.

Culminating at 326 meters in height, the Bailong elevator ( “ Cent Dragons ” ) offers you a journey on the side of the cliffs via a state-of-the-art metal structure with three panoramic cabins and entirely made of glass . This ” super lift ” has the particularity of making the trip to the top in 88 seconds with a rhythm of 5 meters per second. This technical feat achieved in 2002 entered the Guinness Book of Records as the ” highest outdoor elevator in the world “(2015). In other words, it is better to have a strong heart before embarking on such a journey. To imagine the place, here is a video that should make you want to book a ticket quickly:

After watching this video, you probably wondered where you had seen such landscapes before? It’s simple, this magical place is known to be James Cameron’s source of inspiration for Pandora, the territory of the Na’vi people in the movie Avatar . And the director was right, this creation of nature is divine!

This area called the Wulingyuan – of which the park is a part – has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992 and has an incredible particularity: out of the 26,000 hectares, it has nearly 3,000 pillars of quartzite sandstone! As in the film, these can reach nearly 200 meters in height and offer a breathtaking panorama.

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An incredible place visited by nearly 8,000 visitors per day, half as many as before the Covid-19 crisis. Dare to face the void to be amazed and marvel at the beauty of nature, isn’t that the best challenge for a successful and unforgettable vacation?

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