It is certainly not the beaches that are lacking in Algeria and they have nothing to envy to the beaches of other countries. The country has a coastline that exceeds 1200 km! In the height of the summer season, temperatures rise quickly, so we advise you to go to the beach either very early in the morning or at the end of the evening. It is possible to enjoy it in the afternoon, but protect yourself as much as possible from the sun. Here is a little tour of the beaches of Algeria! The list is not exhaustive, because there are still plenty of other beaches to discover in this magnificent country.

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  • 1) The red beach in Jijel
  • 2) The beaches of Boumerdes
  • 3) Madagh beach in Oran
  • 4) Lighthouse beach in Mostaghanem
  • 5) El Aouana Beach
  • 6) Cap Ivi beach in Mostaganem
  • 7) Melbou beach in Bejaia
  • 8) Ain Taya beach in Algiers
  • 9) The ricezi amor beach (Chapuis) ​​in Annaba
  • 10) Moscarda beach in Tlemcen, Marsa Ben M’hidi side

1) The red beach in Jijel

If Algeria has a good number of magnificent beaches, the red beach located in Jijel is the most impressive. The part of the coast on which lies on a wild coast of Algeria. It is therefore a perfect setting for holidaymakers wishing to take advantage of the country’s ideal weather conditions in complete tranquility.

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Video capture/JijelNews

2) The beaches of Boumerdes

These beaches are located along a seaside resort where the crowds are generally high during the summer period. In addition to the fact that swimming is very pleasant there, the beaches of Boumerdes are very popular with water sports enthusiasts such as surfing or kitesurfing.

Video capture/BOUMERDES PLAY

3) Madagh beach in Oran

On the Mediterranean coast, you will find many such beaches, but this one still stands out from the others. Indeed, this large Algerian beach is surrounded by magnificent cliffs. When the sun goes down, the place becomes simply magical.

Video capture/sami sen

4) Lighthouse beach in Mostaghanem

This beach is only about ten kilometers from central Algiers and yet it seems totally wild, far from the seaside resorts you might expect. The fine sand of this beach and its authentic character make it unique. As the name suggests, there is a small lighthouse nearby on the coastline, which makes the place all the more beautiful.

Video Capture/Houssem Laaraj

5) El Aouana Beach

El Aouana beach is located next to a small marina full of charm. It is therefore the ideal place to go to sea aboard a boat for the day. Otherwise you can just enjoy the beach depending on the weather.

Wikimedia Commons / Mouh2jijel

6) Cap Ivi beach in Mostaganem

This beach with fine sand is very wild and almost assimilates to the Sahara desert. For a lazy day or for a convivial picnic, you will find the tranquility you are looking for on this magnificent beach.

Wikimedia commons / Oldstoneage

7) Melbou beach in Bejaia

This beach is certainly one of the liveliest in the country. This is very extensive and therefore allows people to sunbathe on the beach without being glued to each other. On the other hand, given the large number of visitors to this beach and its vastness, we advise you to watch your belongings, as a theft can quickly arrive.

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wikimedia commons/mycondor34

8) Ain Taya beach in Algiers

If you pass by Lake Réghaïa to the east of Algiers, we advise you to make a short detour to Ain Taya beach. In addition to being relatively peaceful, this place is full of charm with its dam made of rocks.

Wikimedia commons / Mounir lalaoui

9) The ricezi amor beach (Chapuis) ​​in Annaba

This charming sandy beach is ideal for people who like to swim in calm waters. Indeed, when the weather is mild, it’s like swimming in a swimming pool.

wikimedia commons/Farouk bendjama80

10) Moscarda beach in Tlemcen, Marsa Ben M’hidi side

On the border with Morocco, you will discover this beach which is simply spectacular!

Wikimedia commons/Medboy94
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