Travel through Brittany, an endearing region

You probably sometimes wonder why the Bretons are so chauvinistic and why they love their region so much. But it’s simply because Brittany is endearing! In addition to the good atmosphere that reigns in the west of the country, its history and its landscapes are also worth the detour. No more clichés about the Bretons and the climate of the region. In this article, we tell you why Brittany is worth the detour!


  • Its wide open spaces and unmissable sites
  • In culture
  • Its atmosphere
  • Its festivals
  • Its gastronomy

Its wide open spaces and unmissable sites

Brittany is home to so many wonderful places that we cannot name them all. Between the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the lands of this region, if you want to see the country, you will be served! Indeed, the landscapes are very diverse. It is in this region that you will find the most beautiful lighthouses in the country , 70 of them are also part of the historical monuments.

If you’re worried about bad weather and ruining your stay in Brittany, don’t worry! First of all, the weather is often very nice in this region, but in addition, visiting it in the rain and the wind is not that unpleasant. During a storm , you may even have the opportunity to observe impressive waves crashing against rocks or a lighthouse, as well as watching surfers tame this swell.

brittany kitty lighthouse
Credits: Wikipedia

It is in Morbihan and more particularly in Carnac that is located what would be the oldest megalithic heritage in the world . In the region you will find many other menhirs, dolmens, megaliths.

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Carnac alignment
Credits: Pixabay

As you drive around the roads of Brittany, you will certainly notice the large number of wonderful beaches there are. In summer, we can assure you that your towel will not be stuck to that of a neighbor you don’t know. And this not because the weather is bad, but because the beaches are generally very large. You should therefore be quiet to sunbathe and enjoy the good weather in your area.

brittany beach
Credits: Pixabay

In culture

The bigoudènes , the Breton language , the music flag Gwen ha Du and the Fest-Noz are among the best known cultural aspects of the region. Indeed, Brittany has always had a strong and, even today, very recognizable identity. By venturing into this region, you run the risk of not understanding certain expressions that are very typical of the area! Don’t be surprised to come across a few people with first names you didn’t know existed. In the same way, the names of towns and especially villages may surprise you. But don’t try to make fun of them in front of a real Breton! Bretons are proud of their region and will let you know it, so keep your criticism easy on yourself.

Credits: Flickr

Its atmosphere

In Brittany, you will certainly feel welcome. Go to a party in a big city like Rennes or Brest, you will see that the atmosphere is more than warm and you will not want to go home! And it’s good to live in small villages too!

Its festivals

Many of -see music festivals are found in this area. If we tell you Vieilles Charrues, Fête du Bruit, Bout du Monde, Panorama or Astropolis, we are almost sure that you know at least one of them. Moreover, there is no headache in these festivals: the goal is only to have fun, to listen to good music and to meet nice people.

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Its gastronomy

How can we talk about Brittany without talking about good food! As you probably already know, Breton food isn’t the healthiest, but it’s still delicious. Between pancakes and pancakes , Kouign-Amann , far Breton , Kig ha Farz , cider and all the other specialties of the region, be careful not to put on a few pounds when visiting Brittany!

Kouin Amann
Credits: Kouin Amann

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