What do you buy from Dubai? The best souvenirs for an unforgettable trip

Today, Dubai is the favorite destination for shoppers, where the visitor here can enjoy shopping and buy a range of the most beautiful souvenirs that vary from fashion to electronics, as well as a variety of wonderful products that find wide popularity among visitors, if you are on a trip to Dubai, Find out with us in the following report a group of the most beautiful gifts that you can buy from Dubai.

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  • What do you buy from Dubai?
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    • Arabian perfume oils
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What do you buy from Dubai?


The United Arab Emirates has gained great fame for what it offers to visitors of the most luxurious textiles in the world; From luxurious royal style rugs to the more budget-friendly types, if you want to have some of the finest textiles, then Dubai is the place for you with a variety of antique rugs found in the many stores in the city.

Head to a Dubai market where you will find a wide choice of these rugs, or you can choose to spend a little extra and visit the Carpet House where you can have your own custom rug. Whatever the case, the floor of your home will be adorned with the elegant touch of these elegant Arabic rugs.

Arabian perfume oils

Another item that you need to buy when you are in Dubai is Arabian perfume oils. Perfumes are extracted from plants, processed and bottled to be sold as alcohol-free perfume. There are actually dozens of perfumes to choose from, which will satisfy all tastes and choices.

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Dubai spices

Part of the Arab culinary culture is a variety of wonderful spices, and indeed Dubai spices are full of rich flavors, and you are sure to try them in local restaurants. Therefore, it is better for you to take some spices home, and they are sold in the spice market. It is important to note that not all spices sold in the spice market are intended for cooking, and some are for aromatic purposes only.

Arabic coffee pot

The Middle East has a rich coffee past, and given that this region has contributed to the love affair with coffee in the world, it comes as no surprise that it has also started designing coffee pots ages ago. Today, these exquisite pieces are incomparably ornate, and come in various designs, the most famous of which is the long spout and elegantly curved handle. If you are looking for a coffee pot to actually use at home, enjoy buying copper pots.

gold jewelry


Gold has been a status symbol for many centuries, used by the wealthy to announce their fortunes to the world. However, in Dubai, gold is not as elusive as other cities. In fact, it is always in front of you in many shops and it costs less than the rest of the world. Therefore, your visit to the Dubai Gold Souk will be a great opportunity to get one of the jewelry at a good price, from necklaces to dangling earrings in this elegant metal. If you are looking to pamper yourself or perhaps need a gift for a loved one back home, then this gold jewelry is the best for you.

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Dried fruits in Dubai

It may sound strange, but dried fruits are one of the great products popular in Dubai. To be specific, these fruits are dates, an integral part of Middle Eastern culture, and it would not be wise to leave Dubai without a bundle or two of these dried fruits as they would make excellent gifts for adults and children alike. There are dozens of types of dates, most of which are sold in the city’s various stores.

Camel milk chocolate in Dubai 


We all love chocolate and camel milk chocolate is equally tempting. These are so exclusive that they are only manufactured by one company called Al Nassma. They make five types of camel milk chocolate, each as charming as the other. However, the best species to buy on your trip are the ones that are shaped like a camel. They are not only fun but also an interesting gift.

arabic dagger


The Arabian dagger is a beautiful handcrafted piece that looks amazing. The blades are gently curved on the edge and the handle is decorated with various markings. The best place to display it is on your wall at home, where of course it reminds you of your trip to Dubai.

Dubai is certainly a haven for shopping, a world-renowned economic hub, there is plenty to see and buy, and with our list above, you don’t need to wonder what to bring back home, these unique purchases will serve as a fitting keepsake of your time in Dubai.

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