Andalusia: 4 superb villages to discover in this region of Spain

Discover the most beautiful villages in Andalusia and see this region of southern Spain from another angle!

Andalusia is a Spanish autonomous community located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. This beautiful region is made up of eight provinces: Cadiz, Cordoba, Almeria, Granada, Huelva, Malaga, Jaen and Seville . If you certainly know most of these provincial capitals and their internationally renowned tourist sites (the Alhambra, the Sierra Nevada , the Alcazar, Gibraltar, Granada or Cordoba), do you still know its typical villages ? Discover our selection and visit Andalusia off the beaten track!

4 Stunning Andalusian Villages to Visit in Spain

Spain has an extremely rich geographical diversity and cultural heritage . Discover the most beautiful villages of the Iberian Peninsula this summer by booking your campsite in Spain now on ResaSol*!

1/ Mijas, a perched white village

Mijas is one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia . This small town perched on the side of a rock is only about thirty kilometers from Malaga airport In the heart of the famous Costa del Sol , Mijas will seduce you with its small typical houses all dressed in white (and flowers), its cobbled streets  and its various and varied craft shops .

Don’t miss the panoramic view once at the top , and discover the city of Malaga from another angle! You will also observe, to the delight of your pupils, the sea which stands out in the distance.

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Mijas typical village Spain Andalusia visit

2/ Ronda and its gorges which separate it in two

More than a village, Ronda would almost serve as a city with its 33,624 inhabitants . Unique in its kind, the Andalusian municipality located a hundred kilometers from Malaga is partly erected on a natural gorge 150 meters high , thus separating the city in two by the Guadalevin river .

Connected by bridges, Ronda offers a breathtaking panorama . One of the most impressive villages of Andalusia, to visit absolutely !

Andalusia: 4 superb villages to discover in this region of Spain
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3/ Frigiliana, listed among the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain

Located in the province of Malaga , Frigiliana belongs to the association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain (like our Most Beautiful Villages of France). A title that is worth the detour, as you will see on the spot!

Frigiliana most beautiful villages Spain Andalusia city

4/ El Rocío, a timeless village

Attached to the municipality of Almonte , the hamlet of El Rocío is bordered by the marshes of the Doñana National Park where it is not uncommon to see flamingos .

This sparsely populated village is also very special because of its striking resemblance to the American West of the 19th century. No paved or tarred road , only earth and sand carpet the ground of this village out of time: one would almost expect to see a team of horses tumbling at full gallop!

Highlight : the Church of the Virgen del Rocío , which attracts many pilgrims every year.

El Rocio Spain Andalusia village visiting show horses
©Joaquin Ossorio-Castillo/iStock

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And you, do you know any other typical villages in Andalusia? Have you ever visited this region of Spain? Share your travel experience with us in the comments!

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