Andalusia: 4 superb villages to discover in this region of Spain

Discover the most beautiful villages in Andalusia and see this region of southern Spain from another angle!

Andalusia is a Spanish autonomous community located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula. This beautiful region is made up of eight provinces: Cadiz, Cordoba, Almeria, Granada, Huelva, Malaga, Jaen and Seville . If you certainly know most of these provincial capitals and their internationally renowned tourist sites (the Alhambra, the Sierra Nevada , the Alcazar, Gibraltar, Granada or Cordoba), do you still know its typical villages ? Discover our selection and visit Andalusia off the beaten track!

4 Stunning Andalusian Villages to Visit in Spain

Spain has an extremely rich geographical diversity and cultural heritage . Discover the most beautiful villages of the Iberian Peninsula this summer by booking your campsite in Spain now on ResaSol*!

1/ Mijas, a perched white village

Mijas is one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia . This small town perched on the side of a rock is only about thirty kilometers from Malaga airport In the heart of the famous Costa del Sol , Mijas will seduce you with its small typical houses all dressed in white (and flowers), its cobbled streets  and its various and varied craft shops .

Don’t miss the panoramic view once at the top , and discover the city of Malaga from another angle! You will also observe, to the delight of your pupils, the sea which stands out in the distance.

Mijas typical village Spain Andalusia visit

2/ Ronda and its gorges which separate it in two

More than a village, Ronda would almost serve as a city with its 33,624 inhabitants . Unique in its kind, the Andalusian municipality located a hundred kilometers from Malaga is partly erected on a natural gorge 150 meters high , thus separating the city in two by the Guadalevin river .

Connected by bridges, Ronda offers a breathtaking panorama . One of the most impressive villages of Andalusia, to visit absolutely !

Andalusia: 4 superb villages to discover in this region of Spain
©Sean Pavone/iStock

3/ Frigiliana, listed among the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain

Located in the province of Malaga , Frigiliana belongs to the association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain (like our Most Beautiful Villages of France). A title that is worth the detour, as you will see on the spot!

Frigiliana most beautiful villages Spain Andalusia city

4/ El Rocío, a timeless village

Attached to the municipality of Almonte , the hamlet of El Rocío is bordered by the marshes of the Doñana National Park where it is not uncommon to see flamingos .

This sparsely populated village is also very special because of its striking resemblance to the American West of the 19th century. No paved or tarred road , only earth and sand carpet the ground of this village out of time: one would almost expect to see a team of horses tumbling at full gallop!

Highlight : the Church of the Virgen del Rocío , which attracts many pilgrims every year.

El Rocio Spain Andalusia village visiting show horses
©Joaquin Ossorio-Castillo/iStock

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And you, do you know any other typical villages in Andalusia? Have you ever visited this region of Spain? Share your travel experience with us in the comments!

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