Discover 4 Homestay Culinary Experiences in Croatia

Famous for its dream beaches and its formidable cultural and historical heritage, Croatia is the pearl of the Adriatic coast . More than 10 million visitors come here each year and savor delicious authentic recipes. Croatian cuisine , with multiple influences, gives pride of place to sunny vegetables, gourmet cured meats, grilled fish and stews. All accompanied by Dalmatian wines of character such as Prošek !

Génération Voyage invites you to take advantage of this during your visit by participating in unforgettable culinary experiences. We have chosen four activities in Croatia, supervised by the best possible guides: the locals themselves, of course. These cordons bleus will welcome you to their home to introduce you to the subtleties of local gastronomy … And share with you a moment of incomparable taste pleasure. Enjoy your lunch !


  • Learn to cook fish in Zadar
  • Discover Croatian family recipes in Split
  • Immerse yourself in Croatian cuisine in Mlini
  • Treat yourself to a recognized chef in Dubrovnik
  • Our advice for a successful stay in Croatia
  • – Getting around in Croatia
  • – Where to stay to live these experiences?
  • – Getting around in Croatia

Learn to cook fish in Zadar

4 experiences in Croatia

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  • 📍 Nearest town: Zadar
  • 🕑 Duration: 2h30
  • 💙 We like: discovering peka , Croatian wood-fired cuisine.

Our first workshop takes you near the village of Crno, near Zadar . This city known for its Roman and Venetian ruins is located on the Dalmatian coast. No wonder Marko, your host, knows a thing or two about preparing fresh fish caught in the area! He will welcome you around his wood-fired oven to teach you the basics of Croatian cuisine. The peka, this traditional method of cooking, consists of cooking the dishes over an open fire under a bell jar. Here, the bread browns just above the embers, the fish is skilfully drizzled with local olive oil and it is a pleasure to meet around the hearth to exchange culinary techniques. We especially appreciated Marko’s effort to keep us happy throughout this activity in Croatia. You will see, here, we know how to receive!

Passionate about cooking, he grows his own vegetables in his own vegetable garden. It will make food preparation a fun adventure that is worth the trip in itself. Be careful… It’s good, you can bake! While waiting for the fire to do its job and delicately cook your creations, you will have the opportunity to taste a glass of wine and thin slices of raw ham.

You will then savor the taste of this traditional meal concocted in a good mood . You will have deserved it, and your guide too! Eminently friendly, he knows the region by heart and will be able to advise you for the rest of your Dalmatian stay. He even offers to pick you up and then bring you back if you don’t have a vehicle. What more ?

Discover Croatian family recipes in Split

4 experiences in Croatia

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  • 📍 Nearest town: Split
  • 🕑 Duration: 3 hours
  • 💙 We like: the intimate atmosphere of this homestay cooking class.

This second culinary experience takes place in Split , with Alberta, an outstanding cook. This Croatian tourism and gastronomy professional draws inspiration from her grandmother’s typical recipes for her culinary workshops. Regarding the menu, fish is honored on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Your hostess perfectly masters her preparation and her appetizers: a pure delight to savor over a glass of wine! The other days, make way for stewed meat: you can notably taste the pašticada , an exquisite beef dish. From appetizer to dessert, guests are pampered and will be amazed by the mastery and preparation of the delicacies served. Ah, one more thing: of course, allthe ingredients are produced locally and bought in the markets of Split. The short circuit, definitely, it’s only good.

The little extra of this activity in Croatia? The intimate setting of the chef’s residence: the house of Alberta is a true small museum filled with works of art. Picturesque drawings, ceramics and antiques give the place a crazy cachet. You will fall head over heels for it, like us! Especially since this opulent family home is located in the Spinut district, very close to the Marjan hill. You are only a fifteen minute walk from the old town which allows you to access it very easily. In addition, Alberta does things right and makes it a point of honor to satisfy its guests. When making your reservation, you can, for example, inform him of your preferences and possible food allergies. Pedagogue, she will take the time to explain to you with passion her methods of preparation. Ideal to impress your loved ones as soon as you return from Croatia, right?

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Immerse yourself in Croatian cuisine in Mlini

4 experiences in Croatia

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  • 📍 Nearest town: Mlini
  • 🕑 Duration: 2h30
  • 💙 We like: the view from the terrace!

From now on, here we are just a stone’s throw from the beaches of the bay of Župa and the old town of Dubrovnik , at Mikki’s. Of Australian origin, she lives in a pretty family home with a magnificent vegetable garden. Here, chickens roam freely around fruit trees while participants pick herbs from the garden. And yes, picking is a must for this activity in Croatia. Indeed, each cooking class given by Mikki begins with the selection of these fragrant fresh herbs. That’s it, have you picked up what you need? So head to the kitchen, there is work! Cooking polenta with lemon, making ćevapi (succulent skinless sausages) andkroštule (fried pastries to die for)… All in a relaxed atmosphere, while enjoying a glass of white wine… You are going to enjoy it!

On sunny days, dinner will be enjoyed in the pretty outdoor summer kitchen. Ouch, ouch… Difficult to choose among the many dishes to savor . From grilled garden vegetables to nut-free pesto sandwiches, you better have a healthy appetite! Our advice: try to taste everything, it’s really worth it. While enjoying yourself, you can also chat with your guide and discover the amazing reasons for his visit to Croatia. The feast ends with the tasting of rakija, a tasty eau-de-vie emblematic of the region. In moderation, of course… The little extra to highlight during this meal at the inhabitant? The selection of souvenirs offered: recipe book, of course, but also samples of homemade ecological beeswax. And above all, the kindness of the cook. Superhost at Airbnb for many years, Mikki is a caring hostess that you will enjoy being around.

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Treat yourself to a recognized chef in Dubrovnik

4 experiences in Croatia

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  • 📍 Nearest town: Dubrovnik
  • 🕑 Duration: 3 hours
  • 💙 We like: feasting with a recognized chef.

The last activity in Croatia that we present to you is located not far from Dubrovnik . Zlatko, your guide, invites you to join him for a unique culinary experience. His cooking skills have been rewarded with articles from National Geographic and the Wall Street Journal. Yes, just that ! On the menu: fabulous appetizers, such as these divine charcuterie served with crusty bread. But also a wide variety of seafood or meat dishes, prepared in peka. The lamb, melting to perfection, thus becomes a marvel for the palate. Later, participants will be enchanted by the delicious desserts concocted by the chef. We can only salute the success of the plum strudel topped with ice cream, for example. For the digestive, you will finally be offered a glass of grappa , a homemade grape brandy. Definitely, we know how to live on the Adriatic coast!

Particularly cheerful, Zlatko and Marija, his wife, will share with you their techniques and their encyclopedic knowledge of Croatian cuisine . You will have the opportunity to contemplate their superb garden while listening to their entertaining anecdotes. At home, good humor is essential and we love it! Throughout this traditional meal, they will make sure you don’t miss anything, especially wine. Succulent like the rest, these classified growths! Finally, this couple in love with Croatian heritage will be able to recommend the sites of interest to visit in the region. From the old port of Dubrovnik to its medieval fortifications, passing through the bucolic hinterland or the dream beaches, the sector frankly deserves its reputation. As for us, we let you see for yourself: come and enjoy life on the side of Dalmatia!

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