Discover Bremen: The beautiful Hanseatic city in Germany

Don’t know where to sleep in Bremen? Here are the best areas to stay in this beautiful Hanseatic city in Germany!

A port city in northwestern Germany, Bremen is one of the region’s oldest cities. Located along the Weser River, 60 km south of its estuary on the North Sea, this city of 565,000 inhabitants is landlocked in the Land of Lower Saxony.

Since the Middle Ages, Bremen has been an important commercial city: on the river and via its port, goods from England, Flanders, Denmark or Russia transited to the heart of Europe. It was even one of the main cities of the Hansa – the Hanseatic League, a very famous commercial league. Bremen is still known in German today as the “Free Hanseatic City of Bremen”. It is nowadays the second largest port in Germany and a major industrial center. Above all, it attracts many travelers eager for historical and cultural discoveries: Bremen is a German jewel, a little-known city with a rich heritage!

To be sure to discover the city in the best conditions, we have listed the best neighborhoods for accommodation in Bremen. Thus, you are guaranteed to find accommodation in Bremen well located, for a most enchanting stay!

In the heart of Mitte: Alstadt

Accommodation downtown Bremen

All the main historical monuments of the city can be found in Bremen’s Old Town, Alstadt. Surrounded by the Weser river to the south and by the Wallgraben (the ruin of the old medieval city walls) to the north, you can discover in this district the Marktplatz market place, its sumptuous town hall, the statue of Roland or the opulent Saint-Pierre cathedral, and many other marvels.

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If you are wondering where to sleep in Bremen, Alstadt is the most pleasant district. Admittedly, your accommodation will probably be more expensive than elsewhere, the tumult of the crowd more important. However, you are guaranteed to be in the center of the action. With the help of your legs, you can easily discover the Old Town and access excellent restaurants. We also recommend that you stay or take a walk in the winding and picturesque streets of the Schnoor district, in the heart of Alstadt – a perfect place to sleep in Bremen.

Accommodation in Bremen close to the historic center: Ostertor

Loge Bremen, Ostertor

Photo credit: Flickr – Fred Romero

Also in Mitte and a stone’s throw from the Old Town, you will find the very friendly district of Ostertor. For accommodation in Bremen, this area is ideal: prices are lower than in Alstadt and you can easily access all the monuments on foot.

This district is also very popular with backpackers and the nightlife is more vibrant here. The district is, in the opinion of expatriates and locals, younger, more modern and more multicultural than the others. You will find both German and other nationality restaurants, as well as many bars and clubs to have fun after dark!

Bahnhofsvorstadt: the convenient area to sleep in Bremen

Log station suburb

Crédit photo: Wikimedia – Jacek Rużyczka

Do you want to combine practicality with pleasure in your accommodation in Bremen? The area around the station, Bahnhofsvorstadt, is ideal! Also popular with backpackers, it saves you the hassle of lugging your stuff around town on a quick trip to Bremen.

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Above all, you are very close on foot to the historic center and Mitte. With public transport you can easily reach the more lively district of Ostertor. And the prices are also much cheaper in this part of town, just north of Alstadt. This is definitely one of the best areas to stay in Bremen!

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