Discover Florida: travel through the incredible archipelago of the Keys

During a stay in Miami or simply in Florida, visiting the Keys is a must. Thanks to its originality and beauty, this archipelago allows you to escape for a few hours. With its 1700 islets and islands, this destination has wonderful surprises in store for you.


  • Islands connected by impressive bridges
  • A dream environment
  • Visiting Key West, the largest city in the archipelago

Islands connected by impressive bridges

This impressive archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean and in the western Gulf of Mexico. This alignment of islets and islands starts a few kilometers from Miami in Florida and ends 145 kilometers north of Cuba. Over more than 170 kilometers, the islands of the Keys are crossed by roads and connected by 42 bridges. Even if the islands and in particular the city of Key West located in the very south of the archipelago are accessible by boat from Miami, the experience of driving on these bridges remains more pleasant. Indeed, they sometimes seem endless and give the sensation of flying above these incredible turquoise blue waters. Named the Overseas Highway, this American road is one of the straightest in the world. Over 87 kilometers long, you will only turn the steering wheel 3 times! Of course,

Keys bridge, Florida
Credits: Picryl

A dream environment

Despite the development of tourism in this idyllic place, wildlife continues to flourish here. With a little luck, you will be able to discover a large number of marine species there, but also rare birds. In addition, seagrass beds and corals decorate the seabed, which makes any swim magical! It is also a small paradise for anglers of all kinds. Given the large number of islets and islands that make up the Keys, you won’t have too much difficulty finding a little piece of beach just for you. You will then only have to enjoy the present moment, the sun and this breathtaking panorama.

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Key West, Florida
Credits: Pixabay

Visiting Key West, the largest city in the archipelago

Whether you choose to visit the Keys in several days or in one day, do not miss the main city of the archipelago, Key West. In addition to being very beautiful, it is well worth a short visit to enjoy its superb exotic atmosphere! You cannot venture there without knowing that the great writer Hemingway lived there for a long time. His large residence is also one of the main attractions of the city.

During your visit, you can take a photo of yourself next to the sign indicating that you are at the southernmost point in the United States, stroll down Duval Street and admire its traditional wooden houses, and also taste the delicious specialties of Key West. Also, don’t be surprised to come across magnificent roosters, hens and chickens in the streets of the city. They are the emblems and would be more than 4000 on the island.

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