In the northwest of the country there is a magical place: the tunnel of love. This verdant oasis is a tourist attraction for transit lovers.

It is not common to have the idea of ​​making a romantic stopover in Ukraine, as the current climate of violence in this country has been strong since 2013. In addition, Ukraine will always be identified with the Chernobyl disaster which s was produced in 1986, remaining ahead of the Fukishima accident (Japan, 2011), the most significant nuclear disaster in history.

And yet, it is in this country that “the tunnel of love” is located, a timeless place located more precisely in the municipality of Klevan in the north-west of the country, about 200 km from the professional city. -European Lviv. Its name comes from the inhabitants of the region themselves. As soon as spring comes, very dense vegetation envelops it, like an arch. There is a disused railway track 32km long, making it one of the most pleasant tracks in the world.

[/media-credit] Credits: Wikimedia commons
[/media-credit] Credits: Wikimedia commons

In the past, this lane was reserved for industrial transport. Indeed, a private train supplied the factories of the municipality of Klevan with wood and other raw materials. The slow passage of the wagons has made it possible, over time, to shape a natural landscape, creating a gap through the vegetation and this, without human intervention. No clearing work has ever been done, making the place even more beautiful.

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