Discover the 10 best destinations for off-season travel

Having holidays makes it possible to establish a break with professional life. What could be better than going on vacation for a change of scenery? However, everyone knows that the vast majority of beaches and hotspots are crowded during the summer. Going outside the summer periods can then be an excellent alternative in the face of the tourist wave that breaks in the months of July and August. But you still have to choose your path carefully! This top 10 best destinations to travel off season is here to help you. 


  • 1. Corsica
  • 2. Bolivia
  • 3. The Czech Republic and its magnificent capital
  • 4. Spain: direction Andalusia
  • 5. The Bahamas
  • 6. New Zealand
  • 7. Canada
  • 8. Italy: the beautiful city of Florence
  • 9. Bali
  • 10. The Greek Islands

1. Corsica

This magnificent island has not finished surprising you. While it is crowded in summer, it is much quieter during the period from late August to early September. The temperatures remain very pleasant, without reaching peaks of suffocating heat, allowing you to bathe without worry. The deserted beaches will be delighted to welcome you and your local specialty platter!

Corsica off-season destinations
Beach located in Pietrosella. Credits: Mathilde Cureau/Unsplash

2. Bolivia

Out of season, plane tickets to this South American country are much cheaper. In September, there are far fewer tourists wishing to contemplate the Salar de Uyuni, the largest salt flat in the world. The capital of La Paz is located more than 3000 meters high and is the starting point for many excursions. Bolivia remains an original destination, offering landscapes and a change of scenery that you will not experience anywhere else.

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Salar de Uyuni off season destinations
The Salar de Uyuni. Credits: Diego Aguilar/Unsplash

3. The Czech Republic and its magnificent capital

Escape to Prague for a wonderful stay under the snow in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. You don’t necessarily need sunshine to have a great holiday: going out of season also allows you to discover the world from another angle! In winter, Prague transforms into a fantastic city bathed in soft lights. In addition, it becomes peaceful and the prices are quite low… it’s always nice to save money.

prague off season destinations
Snowy view of Prague Castle. Credits: Max Pixel

4. Spain: direction Andalusia

In a few words, tourists are less present and the heat is far from painful as in the middle of July. Every even-numbered year, the Flamenco Biennale makes the city of Seville dance and sing in September. This traditional event of this Spanish region will make your heart vibrate to the rhythm of guitars and dance steps! Likewise, you will be able to visit Andalusian historical monuments in the greatest serenity. The Alhambra in Granada, as well as the Alcázar in Seville are architectural jewels that will delight your eyes.

andalusia off season destinations
Ceiling of the Alczar of Seville. Credits: Akshay Nanavati/Unsplash

5. The Bahamas

In summer, the islands located in the large oceans are generally affected by hurricanes or strong storms. Thus, the best time to travel to the Bahamas is in the fall when you will find fewer tourists and less exorbitant prices! The beaches only dotted with white sand will make you feel like they belong to you. In addition, the temperatures are favorable throughout the year. We can therefore really qualify the Bahamas as paradise islands.

bahamas off season destinations
Nassau, Bahamian. Credits: Gregory Culmer/Unsplash

6. New Zealand

The landscapes of this country are breathtaking, whatever the season. However, if you want to make the most of the activities and the low prices, going off-season is a must. From June to September, it’s winter on the other side of the globe and the opportunity to cool off on the ski slopes! If you prefer milder temperatures, opt for spring or fall. In short, avoid going between September and March if the hordes of tourists embarrass you.

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Discover the 10 best destinations for off-season travel
Roys Speak Mountain, New Zealand. Credits: Jingwei Ke/Unsplash

7. Canada

During the fall, Canadian landscapes change dramatically. The leaves of the trees turn red and orange, giving the panorama an exquisite unique charm. It is then between October and November that you can enjoy a mild and calm Canada for a total immersion in nature. Airline ticket prices are also lower. So what are you waiting for?

canada off season destinations
Credits: Ewa Stepkowska/Unsplash

8. Italy: the beautiful city of Florence

November to April is the perfect time to visit this awe-inspiring Italian city. Steeped in history, it is full of incomparable architectural gems and the museums are completely empty of tourists! Apart from during the holidays, prices remain very low in the off season, allowing you to indulge yourself in the best restaurants in the area. If a few drops of rain don’t scare you, Florence is the ideal city to expand your culture or make a romantic stay!

florence off season destinations
View of the Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Credits: Ali Nuredini/Unsplash

9. Bali

To take full advantage of this dream destination, nothing better than to go there between September and October. The weather is very favorable and generates unprecedented green landscapes, which completely immerses you in the atmosphere of the island. The most sumptuous hotels offer rooms at very affordable prices during this range of months. And there are so few people that you will even have the luxury of being able to choose your room! Finally, the emblematic places of Bali are easily accessible, allowing you to explore every corner without being suffocated by the crowds.

bali top 10 of the best destinations to travel off season
A little piece of paradise in Bali. Credits: Artem Beliaikin/Unsplash

10. The Greek Islands

They are splendid, but very expensive in the middle of summer. The ideal is to go to this archipelago before or after the period from June to August. You will see the prices drop dramatically! In spring, the weather makes it easy to enjoy the beach and the terraces. The excursions are cheaper and less crowded, the opportunity to experience a moment out of time by discovering magnificent ancient temples. Finally, Greek food is fresh and delicious, which is a major criterion when choosing a vacation spot!

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greek islands off season destinations
Thera, Greece. Credits: Artiom Vallat/Unsplash

So, which destination would you choose to travel off-season? 

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