Tips before traveling in Tokyo .. the beautiful Japanese capital

Tokyo is the capital of tourism in Japan , a city with a population of more than 13 million people, the second largest inhabited area in the world, always looks wonderful and amazing, rich in colors, which attracts tourists to visit it year after year to enjoy an interesting holiday and discover everything new, In the following report, here is a list of 10 practical tips on tourism in Tokyo to help you spend an unparalleled vacation.

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  • Tips before traveling in Tokyo
    • Get from the airport to the city center without spending a lot of money
    • Try a traditional Japanese stay
    • Take a look at the anime and manga
    • Be prepared for Wi-Fi problems
    • Visit historical sites
    • Experience Japanese baths during your Tokyo tourism trip
    • Discover Japanese culture
    • A fun wandering when tourism in Tokyo 

Tips before traveling in Tokyo

Get from the airport to the city center without spending a lot of money

Tokyo has two airports, Narita International Airport and Haneda Airport, and they are mostly used for domestic flights. Taxis from Narita to the city center are quite expensive with prices starting at around €130 or $140. Haneda Airport is also close to the city, however Taxis are very, very expensive, so the best and cheapest way to get from the two airports to the center is to take the train.

Try a traditional Japanese stay

Spend at least one night in a ryokan (inn), a type of traditional Japanese building that serves travelers when visiting Japan. The ryokan dates back to the Edo period, and in the past was built along the highways of Japan, usually in scenic areas (in the mountains, on the sea road, etc.).

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To this day there are still plenty of such ryokans in major cities, including Tokyo, which includes many such luxury inns, as in the case of Tama Ryokan or Tokyo Ryokan, which, although sometimes more expensive than hotels, are You will indeed be guaranteed a unique experience, especially since a ryokan is not just a place to stay; It is a great opportunity to sample authentic Japanese cuisine and experience the culture.

Take a look at the anime and manga

Tips before traveling in Tokyo .. the beautiful Japanese capital

For manga and anime, go to Akihabara, Tokyo’s electric city, as there are loads of anime shops and weird otaku skills all over the streets. Akihabara is also a gamer’s paradise as there are countless shops selling all kinds of electronic gadgets.

 Another place not to miss in your search for manga and anime is the Broadway shopping arcade at Nakano Pavilion, with plenty of comics, travel gear, and games to compare.

Be prepared for Wi-Fi problems

There isn’t a lot of free wi-fi in Tokyo, and if you want it, be prepared to wander around the city, as many popular coffee shops, such as Starbucks Coffee or Wired Café, offer Wi-Fi.

And in case you don’t want to spend a lot of time in these cafes, and need the internet, there are some other options you can take advantage of, including downloading an app for tourists that allows you to use certain hotspots for two weeks (available here: http://flets). .com/freewifi/index.html).

Another alternative is to visit Tokyo’s popular internet cafes, many of which remain open 24 hours a day and sometimes used by travelers on a budget rather than paying for accommodation, where they spend the nights in front of computers.

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Visit historical sites

Tourism in Tokyo

Don’t miss Tokyo’s most famous attractions, including the Imperial Palace and its magnificent gardens, as well as Asakusa Temples and Meiji Shrine, which are also on the list of major tourist attractions in Tokyo. It is great to see how the historical buildings contrast with the modern side of the city.

Tokyo has incredibly cool and advanced technology, glittering billboards, and skyscrapers, but it also has history, ancient art, and culture. To get to know this bustling city, you should at least take a look at the two.

Experience Japanese baths during your Tokyo tourism trip

After a long day of wandering around the bustling, vibrant city, nothing can be as relaxing as spending time in a sauna or bathtub, and indeed Tokyo has a collection of beautiful Japanese baths, dating back to ancient times, that give you an incomparable opportunity to unwind.

Discover Japanese culture

If you plan to spend more time in Tokyo, the amazing thing about this time is to study Japanese culture which you can discover in martial arts or tea ceremony, or even practice judo, aikido, karate or kendo without speaking Japanese. Art classes are also organized, and many different workshops. Nothing will make you experience Japan more deeply than studying and practicing its culture.

A fun wandering when tourism in Tokyo 

Tourism in Tokyo

Tokyo is a huge city with so many fun opportunities to see and do, that you can spend days or months discovering this big city, and it will never cease to surprise you, moreover, it is a safe and welcoming city, so you don’t have to worry about going off track during tourism in Tokyo. Tokyo, where a wander without restrictions will lead you to discover some exotic locations that you would rather not end up with.

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Tourism in Tokyo guarantees you, dear traveler, a wonderful experience and unforgettable memories

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