Discover the starry beach on the island of Vaadhoo in Maldives

The Maldives are known for their white sand beaches and luxury hotels on the water that make you dream. Despite the sad reality of the country, this destination remains a little corner of paradise for tourists who go there. This article is dedicated to a beach that is not talked about for its white sand, but which is just as magical, if not more. Indeed, it is a “starry sea”…

A beach that reveals itself after dark

Off India, in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives attract many tourists every year. There are especially a lot of newlyweds. During their dream stay, visitors enjoy the scenery, the turquoise waters and the country’s marine population. Yet many are missing out on a one-of-a-kind phenomenon that can’t be seen almost exclusively in the Maldives. It is on the island of Vaadhoo, in the heart of the archipelago, that there is a beach which lights up in blue after dark. Indeed, in the dark night, the starry sky can easily be confused with tiny organisms that sparkle at the edge of the ocean. The show is breathtaking!

maldives beach
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A natural phenomenon

Of course, this phenomenon is not magic, there is a rational explanation. It is caused by bioluminescent ostracods  when they are grouped together in the thousands and stimulated or stressed. This is why the fluorescence is amplified when there are waves or when the water is stirred. It is therefore necessary to hope that the ocean is a little rough to observe this natural spectacle at its peak. However, this phenomenon is unpredictable. It is therefore possible to observe it throughout the year even if sometimes it does not occur. All you have to do is hope that luck is with you! According to some specialists, however, the chances of observing it are higher between August and November.

Since images sometimes speak louder than words, here is a video that shows the beauty of this beach and this ocean of stars. And to realize with your own eyes the power of nature, you will know that you should not miss this beach on the island of Vaadhoo if you are staying in the Maldives.

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