Discover top 9 of the best surf spots in France

The 9 best surf spots in France

France is full of an incredible diversity of surf spots : a real paradise for surfers looking for thrills! Lefts, rights , powerful waves for experienced surfers, soft waves for beginners, there is something for everyone! In this article, we offer you an overview of the best surf spots that you will find in France with a ranking of the best waves according to different categories.

La Graviere, Hossegor

La Gravière in Hossegor , a powerful shore-break known for hosting the Quicksilver Pro France every September. Reserved for very experienced surfers, this surf spot does not forgive mistakes and many pro surfers, like Jérémy Flores, have been scared by spending long seconds under water after a big wipe- out (fall). This surf spot could almost be present in our article on the most dangerous spots in the world!

Hossegor ©Wikimedia Commons

The North, Hossegor

One of the most famous waves in the world , located right next to La Gravière, the Nord  in Hossegor offers memorable sessions… to watch! Just like its neighbour, this wave is reserved for excellent surfers and can be surfed up to 4-5m , although the bottom is all sand, this surf spot is powerful enough to break your board in half and keep you going for a long time. under water !

Northern spot in Hossegor ©Flickr

La Torche, in Brittany

La Torche , THE most mythical Breton surf spot . Along the famous Pointe de la Torche, a very practical current makes it possible to go up to the line-up (behind the waves) without too much effort. On some good days the lefts can surf right up to the beach and offer some pretty hollow sections. Like many of the best surf spots , La Torche can be crowded in summer, so prefer sessions outside school holidays to fully enjoy this superb Breton wave!

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La Torche spot in Brittany ©Flickr

Bud Bud in Vendée

Ask a Vendéen which place is one of the  best surf spots in Vendée, he will surely answer you “  Bud Bud ”. This spot with a strange name is renowned for the power of its waves but also for being very practical for Parisian surfers . 4 hours from Paris, it is indeed the Sunday base for many surfers in the capital. A superb beach, a magnificent pine forest, tubular waves over several kilometres, this spot located in the town of Longeville-sur-Mer has nothing to envy to the Landes beachbreaks .

Surfing in Vendée ©CassiedeAlain-Shutterstock

Guethary, Basque Country

Rolling with a crash in the middle of a superb bay, the wave of Guéthary offers a magical spectacle during the big winter swells. Only functioning from a minimum swell size, this surf spot is the stronghold of many “big surfers”. Breaking on a rocky reef, it is one of the biggest waves surfed in France but remains less powerful than its Landes neighbors of La Gravière and La Nord .

Surfing on the Basque coast Surfing in Vendée ©CassiedeAlain-Shutterstock

Lafitenia, Basque Country

Although several of the  best surf spots can claim to win this category, we have chosen Lafiténia, a superb spot in the Basque country , not far from Saint Jean de Luz. On the best days, you can stay long seconds on the wave taking advantage of more or less hollow sections depending on the tides. The level on the spot is very high, so be in good shape if you want to successfully catch a wave !

Surfing session ©BarryTuck-Shutterstock

Etretat, in Normandy

Unquestionably, the Etretat spot wins the prize. Located just below the famous arch that inspires many artists, this surf spot offers a very hollow left that unrolls on a rocky reef at mid-tide. When we talk about surfing, Etretat is not necessarily the place we think of first, but this spot is worth a look as much for its waves as for the beauty of the site. Capricious, the Etretat spot works mainly during big winter swells, so don’t forget your gloves and your slippers!

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The cliffs of Etretat, a real surf spot ©Pixabay

Basque Coast, Biarritz

The Côte des Basques in Biarritz has been the cradle of surfing in France since an American filmmaker discovered waves there in 1956. Best known for the beauty of the place, this wave is of fairly good quality and is generally accessible to all levels of surfers , especially in summer. If you want to discover surfing, many surf schools are stationed on this historic beach and very popular with tourists.

Surf trip ©DwayneFussell-Shutterstock

Wild coast of Quiberon, Brittany

Superb spot, the surf on the  wild coast of Quiberon offers hollow and powerful waves quite similar to those that can be found in the Landes. At the foot of the cliffs, the wild coast of Quiberon operates only at mid-tide and low tide. Beginners can turn to the spots further north near Plouharnel, where the beach stretching for several kilometers offers weak waves ideal for beginners.

Discover top 9 of the best surf spots in France
The best surf spots in France ©Shutterstock

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