Reasons to visit Opatija in Croatia

If you are looking for a holiday full of beautiful landscapes amidst tranquility and wonderful scenery in addition to discovering the splendor of delicious meals, with touches of rich history, why not travel to Opatija in Croatia , which is a great choice for an amazing holiday in every season you can imagine From summer to winter. Tourists from all over the world have been spending their holidays here, which is not surprising. Beautiful nature, wonderful gardens, romantic parks, old Austro-Hungarian villas and stunning beaches are all the more than a strong reason why this city has been popular with tourists for more than 150 years!

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Tourism in Opatija

This city is one of the most popular resorts in Croatia, and already at the beginning of the last century this place attracted tourists from Europe, thanks to the mild climate, picturesque nature and the many options of entertainment available here for 12 months of the year.

 The name of the city can be translated literally from Latin as “monastery”. The reason for this is the fact that the first settlements were founded around the Benedictine monastery built in the 15th century.

Beginning in the mid-nineteenth century, the wealthy and noble people of Europe began to build the first villas and houses in Opatija, and the city steadily became the holiday place of kings and their families, as well as many artists. Nowadays, almost every villa and every ancient house is associated with the names of great rulers and nobles.

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The city is located at the foot of Mount Uchka, whose slopes have long attracted lovers of winter sports, as the ski season here begins in late November and lasts until mid-March.

In addition to the various hotels designed to satisfy all tastes of visitors, in the coastal area of ​​Opatija you will find the best restaurants where you can try traditional European dishes, as well as Mexican and oriental cuisine, and many restaurants have outdoor terraces used for musical evenings, concerts and shows.

Most of the resort’s beaches are rocky, but all the famous coastal areas are equipped with paved walkways to the sea. The city also offers many sandy beaches, but they are usually crowded.

Although the city is safe, tourists should adhere to simple safety rules, not keep original documents or large sums of money when touring the city, as well as not leave belongings and personal bags unattended.

Stunning architecture in Opatija

Opatija is a unique holiday destination in Croatia, and no wonder it was a popular holiday resort in the 19th century, when Croatia was a province of the Austrian Empire, where Austrian aristocrats and business magnates discovered the jewel of the Adriatic, close to Their homes are in Austria, and they decided to build large villas there, close to the sea, they even built a private railway from Vienna to Opatija.

This charming destination continues to attract visitors from all over the world to enjoy the splendor of the natural beauty, the mild climate, as well as the architecture and grand villas dating back to the 19th century, which give the unique character of this coastal resort.

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Lungo Mare, built by the Austrians in the 19th century, is a popular 12 km long road along the seashore. It connects Opatija with many incredibly charming fishing villages along the coast, including Lovran, Volosko, Ica and Ise, making this route an ideal place to enjoy a stroll along the waterfront.

Beaches in and around Opatija

You can swim at almost any point along the Opatija coast, but there are private beaches worth visiting; Notable among them is the Moskinica Draga Beach, plus the wonderful swimming opportunities in the remote bays of Cres Island which can be reached by ferry drive from Brestova or by renting a private boat for the day.

Spa and relaxation

Opatija is located between the mountains and the sea, and is always famous for its fresh air and wonderful tourist atmosphere. Since the 19th century, visitors have been coming to Opatija to improve their general well-being. Today, the city has many spa and wellness centers, and most hotels have an indoor pool with sea water for maximum health benefits. . It is a great place for a healthy vacation.

 Walk among the most beautiful sights

Opatija is often called the Vienna by the sea because of its history and architecture. The city center still contains a large number of 19th century buildings, as well as splendid and varied gardens featuring over a hundred different species of plants that originate all over the world.

Waterfront promenade

Reasons to visit Opatija in Croatia

The waterfront promenade in Opatija is 12 km long, ideal for an easy and pleasant walk by the sea, and another walking path is 5 km from the Carmen Silva Forest Walk, which makes Opatija a really great place if you enjoy a long walk through the gardens and the sea.

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If you ask me, the perfect weekend should include a lot of great things in Opatija, foremost among which comes the discovery of the city’s great gastronomy, from fine seafood restaurants to beautiful local style restaurants, there is something for everyone. Perhaps the one thing all of these restaurants have in common is really delicious food.

Charming cafes


Opatija is famous for its charming cafés, which many tourists go to for a day just to have a coffee on one of its terraces. Take a moment out of the day and enjoy an espresso or a latte at one of Opatija’s many cafés.

No matter the weather, watching the world go by in one of the sea-facing cafés is Opatija’s most amazing activity. Check out Café Wagner that serves homemade dessert or Café Kvarner for homemade salmon.

Ochka National Park


This national park is a wild and mountainous area that makes up the Opatija hinterland, offering visitors many activities including hiking, mountain climbing and cycling, as well as enjoying a variety of amazing natural fauna and flora.

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